Shoe polish out of banana peelings

Here’s how to polish your shoes with a banana peel to any smoothie and an all-natural shoe polish wait, what yep, it turns out banana peels are great for . Because it doesn’t contains expensive harmful chemicals and only need banana peel that are only thrown out after the fruit has been taken off, its price is cheaper than that of the traditional shoe polishshinana, as have said earlier, is an eco-friendly product for it requires no proper disposal since it is all natural. Based on the information in the written articles, banana peels can be used to shine shoes so the researcher decided to come up with the study of making a shoe polish out of banana peelings the study aimed to produce a cheaper but better alternative shoe polish. Producing shoe polish cream out of banana peelings a science investigatory project conducted a partial fulfillment of the requirement in science iv submitted to: mr alfredo n sarabusab submitted by: ma. Bananas: awesome for snacks, and so much more.

Why you should never throw away your banana peel claudia romeo using the inside of the peel as a shoe polish - and found it to be quite successful watch the video to find out other ways . Shoe polish: use the inside of the banana peel to polish your shoes by rubbing it around the show, then buffing with a soft white cloth dry out your leftover . The feasibility of producing shoe polisher out of banana peelings abstract -shoe polish (or boot polish), usually a waxy paste or a cream, is a consumer product used to shine, waterproof, and restore the appearance of leather shoes or boots, thereby extending the footwear's life.

What a banana peel doesn’t have is the harmful chemicals and additives also present in shoe polish, making it a great green alternative as well the banana makes a healthy snack, the peel is biodegradable and the shine looks great for the time it took. Banana or banana peel to be more specific is high in potassium that is commonly used ingredient in shoe polish and another, banana peel is known for its slippery effect that when both idea is combined, we can make an alternative floor wax. How to polish shoes with a banana no shoe polish why can't i make a shoe polish out of banana peeling's inner linings how come the banana peels can be a . Find out why close shoe polishes from banana peel ip - liquid shoe polish made of banana peels and ipil-ipil leaves extract and baby oil - duration: 3:27. Shoe polish vs banana skins we think the banana peels did a stellar job, without any nose-wrinkling chemical fumes how’s that for an economiser and an environmental win.

Myth or magic: can banana skins shine your shoes check it out shoe polish vs banana skins we think the banana peels did a stellar job, without any nose . We hear they actually sell products specifically designed to polish shoes (who'd've thunk), but the banana-peel polish is a tried and true trick if you're in a pinch. This study is conducted to find out the effectiveness of ipil-ipil, banana peel and baby oil as substitute for shoe polish the researchers sought to answering the following questions what would be the chemical component of ipil-ipil, banana peel, and baby oil as one of the best substitute. Components of a banana peel components of a banana peel fresh banana peels are an efficient shoe polisher out of box about ehow advertise . Bananas: peanut butter’s bff, a necessary addition to any smoothie and an all-natural shoe polish wait, what yep, it turns out banana peels are great for making your shoes look shiny and new again.

Just rub the peel of a banana on the surface of your shoes to bring out that natural shine give them a second wipe with a clean, soft cloth to remove any residues and you’re ready to go shoe polish usually contains potassium, and the peel of the banana also contains this nutrient. Shoe polish is important because it maintains the shoe polished and neat to look at shoe polish can be a protective coat to maintain its smoothness these shoe shiners should be kept away from clothes, carpets and furnitures because it can stain these things. Banana peeling as shoe polish a banana is an edible fruit produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants of the genus musa the fruit is variable in size, color and firmness, but is usually elongated and curved, with soft flesh rich in starch covered with a rind which may be yellow, purple or red when ripe.

Shoe polish out of banana peelings

Us military footwear of the time was produced in brown leather with the rough side out shoe polish is applied to the shoe a banana peel can also be . Shoe polish: just rub peel around your shoe and then fit it with a white cloth teeth whitener: rub the inside of banana peel on your teeth to whiten them where manganese, magnesium and potassium helps to whiten the enamel of your teeth. I used a banana peel to shine my shoes banana peel shoe polish april we don’t have any shoe polish here in the house and i didn’t want to go out and buy . The review of the study focuses on the banana peel and the alcohol, on wich works bestwhy the banana peel is one of the alternatives for a shoe polisher,what’s in it’s skin that makes it an alternative for a shoe polish.

Then simply buff boot toe with some nylon to make it shiny here's a picture to compare banana polish and normal polish (normal polish is on the left, banana peel polish is on the right) ask if you have any questions enjoy. How to make shoe polish two methods: (or smoothie) out of it peel a banana, eat it, then rub your shoes with the inner (white) part of the peel wipe . Banana peels are not recyclable they are food waste and therefore must be composted instead of recycled if you are still not comfortable disposing of your banana peels try a few of the following: shoe polish — bananas contain potassium which is a key ingredient in shoe polish. A banana peel: use the inside of a banana peel to shine your shoes just rub the peel over your leather shoes, and the oils in the peel will restore your shoes to their original polish.

Shoe polish contains naphtha, combustible petroleum that disintegrates wax use a banana peel lining instead to polish your kicks use a banana peel lining instead to polish your kicks (design by lauren wade).

shoe polish out of banana peelings Polishing your shoes with banana peel is super easy – rub the inside of the skin all over your shoes in a circular motion, just like when applying regular shoe polish take a soft cloth or shoe shine brush and buff your shoes until they look shiny and new.
Shoe polish out of banana peelings
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